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An artist-operated CNC cutting and engraving studio established in 2015. Expressing fine craftsmanship through sign-making, fine art and craft, Everything is made using sustainable methods and materials in New Orleans, LA. The ultimate goal is to beautify our surroundings, engage and  inspire the viewer and make a positive impact through visual art and merchandise.

From Scratch

Handmade, Laser Assisted

Environmentally Conscious

All tools and materials used to make are carefully selected with the big picture in mind. The things we create may help us in the present, but what effect will it have over time? This question is asked every step of the process. Organic, recyclable, and biodegradable materials are used whenever possible, and waste is re-purposed or recycled when possible. Little or no harmful chemicals are used in the finishing process, and fumes created in the laser cutting process are non-toxic. 

Integrity always remains the top priority, By purchasing any unique piece by Saynomore, you are supporting an artist that never copy and pastes from the internet or other creatives. Open source reference pictures, fonts, and templates are occasionally integrated into the work, but never without permission, and never without a unique spin. Unlike most manufacturers, we help with the design process and make sure your ideas translate well to the medium.

All artwork, custom products, and signs are created by hand in the studio, Typically pieces start with an ink or digital drawing that we scan and convert into a vector image. Than each piece is set up manually and cut with a laser cutter, Design and finishing take up about 80% of the time a piece is created.

From sanding and painting wood to stitching and finishing leather, everything is done by-hand in our New Orleans Studio. Saynomore is truly a labor of love.

About the Owner...

Art can be an experience that speaks volumes without having to say a thing. I create elaborate fine art, handcrafted goods, and signs that physically build up layers of material, while simultaneously peeling back those layers with symbolism. Through a mix of CNC tools and handcraftsmanship, I transcribe my ideas into three-dimensional forms that invite the viewer to create their own experience from the work. Making art gives my permission to shout my truth— like two front porch neighbors on a sticky New Orleans evening— but at the same time it holds space for silence and reflection.  By using eco-conscious methods and materials, the work will— like those who relocated to the neighborhood of the dead— disappear back to the earth in which it came. SayNoMore emerged from this dichotomy of creating and destroying matter, and is my way of opening the conversation to embracing impermanence.

- Jeannette St. Amour

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