Creations for those who find light within darkness. Saynomore is the artist, maker and manufacturer of art and adornments for home, body, and spirit. Each product is a functional work of art, designed and finished by the artist herself using sustainable methods and materials. The ultimate goal is to beautify our surroundings, engage and  inspire the viewer and make a positive impact through visual art and merchandise.

Environmentally Conscious

Always original

Handmade, Laser Assisted

All tools and materials used to make are carefully selected with the big picture in mind. The things we create may help us in the present, but what effect will it have over time? This question is asked every step of the process. Organic, recyclable, and biodegradable materials are used whenever possible, and waste is always re-purposed or recycled. Little or no harmful chemicals are used in the finishing process, and fumes created in the laser cutting process are non-toxic. 

Integrity always remains the top priority, period. There is a distinct difference between inspiration and copying. By purchasing any unique piece by Saynomore, you are supporting an artist that never copy and pastes from the internet or other creatives. Open source reference pictures, fonts, and templates are occasionally integrated into the work, but never without permission, and never without a unique spin.  

Like a welder uses a torch, or a potter uses a kiln, Saynomore uses a laser cutter/engraver as an essential tool in her work. Each piece starts with an original drawing or painting, is made into a vector image manually using Corel Draw software, gets cut/etched in-house with a Trotec laser, than hand assembled and finished by the artist. Using a laser cutter allows unprecedented precision and detail at a small production level.


Jeannette St. Amour

is a young artist from a small town in Connecticut who's purpose is to beautify and improve her surroundings. St. Amour dove head first into the printing industry straight out of high school, taking a job in Tampa, FL installing vinyl lettering, vehicle wraps, and small format printing. With the help of colleges, and youtube, she learned the basics of graphic design and the magic of taking a design into the physical world through printing.

A year later, she invested everything she had into a laser cutter/engraver with the intention of using her skill and artistic passion to produce beautiful, functional pieces to improve the lives of creatives.

Three years, four business names, and hundreds of experiments later, saynomore emerged. Each product and art piece is always designed, assembled, and hand finished by St. Amour, and new work is being created and reworked constantly.

"I view my work as an ecosystem." St. Amour says
"Many unique organisms somehow work together to make up the big picture."

Although she spends the majority of her time making, she always makes time to enjoy her life along the way. She enjoys traveling, reading, yoga, bad jokes, and having a gin and juice with friends. She always makes time to give her fluffy dog Dahlia and important people in her life love, but has a fiirey side when it comes to fighting for what she believes in.