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Gold Liquid
  • Books are probably my favorite things to make. They are the most labour and time intensive, as they require concentration, love, and intention at every step. Each time I cut a stack of paper to size, fold, stab, and sew, I give it love and a little smudge. I never rush or cut corners (except when I'm actually cutting the corners), because neither should you with your sketches. True craft takes time and energy, you know! I make them because I love to help people create. Your art is powerful and meaningful, so you should have a sketchbook that reflects your magic.

    Magnolia Travel Sketchbook in Silver

    • 3.5" x 4" sketchbook with each page measuring 3" x 3.5"

      • Handmade cover paper (120pgs)
      • Recycled sketch paper
      • Natural leather
      • Linnen thread
    Gold Liquid
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