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Gold Liquid
  • Gaze upon the crystal ball to see the how bright your future is.

    This crystal ball is a unique meditation piece.

    By day it shows the reflection of the present.

    All the chaos and calm of our lives reflected back at us.

    Switch on the light below the base and amongst the reflection

    appears an optical illusion of an endless tunnel of light.

    It is made to represent that the person staring back at us

    is just a reflection of the light that we come from. 

    Made to evoke the power of perseverance

    and aids in grounding and empowerment

    Know when you gaze into the crystal ball and see yourself in the bright continuous light,

    that you are in charge of your future and you have the power to keep your light.

    Crystal Visions Mirror Lamp

      • 13" by 13"
      • Can be hung on wall or freestanding
      • Battery operated 2AA batteries included
      • Clean surface with a microfiber cloth
      • Acrylic
      • Mirror film
      • LED lights
      • Cotton
      • Paper
      • Latex paint
      • Wood
      • Water based paint
    Gold Liquid
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